Monday, January 23, 2006

Tender Buttons

I have nooo idea how I missed this one. Thought I was on top of my game and apparently I am not. I have no idea who Broadcast are. I really really really love their fourth and last album, Tender Buttons (Gertrude Stein shout-out?) so so much. The etheral electrics and lead singer Trish Keenan's droning yet beautiful voice soars through fourteen tracks of pure bliss.
This album, along with Jens Lekman's Oh You're So Silent Jens and New Buffalo's The Last Beautiful Day have seriously been holding my playlist captive for the past week or so. All beautiful beautiful gems and I wish I knew about them all sooner so they could have been contenders on my year-end list.

America's Boy

Buy the album from Insound.


Tanner said...

I discovered Broadcast with the release of this album too.

Vicente said...

/me too!

Kelly said...

I adore Broadcast -- I don't know how you've missed them either!

Check out their debut, The Noise Made by People

xxjfst3ve said...

this is my favourite track off of Tender Buttons (check out Goodbye Girls too)

supergurg said...

:( i thought i would like these guys, but for some reason im not quite sure if i do...maybe after a few more listens?

thanks for the recommendation though,