Friday, January 13, 2006

Dragging an Ox Through Water

It's a silly band name, but I like their music a lot. Dragging an Ox Through Water is a Portland band with a silly name. Okay no. They have a lot more than that. They've played shows with Kind of Like Spitting. That's enough for me to give them a chance. It sounds a bit like a folkier, less freaked out Xiu Xiu or a mellower Devendra Banhart. They were on the PDX Pop Now compilation in 2005 and they made a 3" CDEP that sold out on their record label Schapendoes Records. I dunno how to pronounce that. Anyway, lucky for you and me, they put mp3s of the EP online, for free! Nice nice. Download them, enjoy them, and look forward to a new 7", Rebukes! that is being released on Smells Delicious record label. I like the cover art though.

Here's a song off that 7". A really good song.

Download their self-titled EP here.

Guess what? they have MySpace!


dragginganox said...

thnx for th' kind words!
that is very nice!

Anonymous said...

Dragging an Ox, soon to be bigger than U2.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff...great bands coming out of Portland.