Monday, January 16, 2006

Breaking the Law

I got an e-mail describing a really odd sounding concept. The music was described as "the guys in Iron Maiden with acoustic guitars and Bruce Dickinson replaced by Björk, treating their material like some old lullabies."

Okay that sounds really really weird. But don't be surprised that it's really great. I'm not well versed in metal so I guess hearing the songs filtered through this band of Swedes is a good thing. They're called Hellsongs and are surprisingly good. Probably because they don't sound anything like heavy metal. I like that. Take a listen and don't be surprised if you like it. Because I do, I like them quite a lot actually.

Breaking the Law (Judas Priest)
Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden)


metamorphose said...

Crazy good! Thanks for posting these. I have to say as a huge Bjork fan, whenever I hear someone say something sounds like Bjork, I'm very skeptical. But her voice -at least in Breaking the Law- has a lot of Bjork qualities to it. Maybe it's just her accent, but anyway, sorry for the ramble. Thanks again!

supergurg said...

what brilliant tunes - this band is a weird concept, but it really works! :D