Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh So Silent

It basically took me forever to listen to Jens Lekman. I heard many good words about the guy but pushed him off as some Rufus Wainwright shadow character. It was probably the knight in shining armor press pics that did it to me (see above). I couldn't have been more wrong. The poppy songs that Swede Lekman composes are more akin to say, Sufjan Stevens. Yeah I said it. The voice is very different but the melodies are similarish. Anyway, his album Oh You're So Silent Jens is out on Secretly Canadian records.

Black Cab


jerry yeti said...

j'adore jens. je n'aime pas sufjan... bleh. :)

Jere said...

moi, j'adore les deux!

Why is it taking people so long to love Jens? It's about time, nice post.

metamorphose said...

I've love Jens for quite some time. Jens = Yummy.

themarkpike said...

"I still remember 'Regulate' with Warren G/ Could I'd have been back in the sweet summer of 1993.." It's amazing how Jens can croon the way he does when his lyrics are so gosh-darn tongue in cheek.

Adi said...

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