Monday, January 30, 2006

Gold Lion

Soo Palms Out Sounds has the Diplo remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new single "Gold Lion" off the new album Show Your Bones. Download it here. I like what I hear, and am really anticipating the new album! Also cannot wait for them to tour! Saw them in Oklahoma and loved it. Hopefully they still got it.

Also, does anyone have Diplo's edit of "Maps"? I saw a dead link to it somewhere and would like to hear it. Maybe I could put it up on here if someone had it.

Until then, here's a track that may or may not be on the album, acoustic.
Cheated Hearts (Live AOL Session)

Unrelated, but apparently Morrissey's playing SXSW. Crazy! I wonder where he'll play at?


Haldan said...

thanks for the link to palms out, michael, that's my middle name you've stolen! I have the diplo cut of maps, I'll post it for you later... how about a link exchange? i like what you're doing here.


E said...

mozza is playing at the Austin Music Hall.