Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A New Face

When I first heard the Flints' song "Girl," I thought it was very nice. It's a nice song with a song song with a nice singer. That's always great. It's a very lush song about a girl who goes away from her hometown and turns into something she's not.
I can associate with the whole small town thing. It's weird going back when you've seen something bigger than a small town. All the drama is childish and the people seem almost backwards or stuck in their own business.
Anyway, the Flints' (who happen to be from Toronto) songs bring me a lot of those feelings, and the instrumentation sounds at much like if Wilco and maybe the Decemberists decided to switch some band members. There's piano and guitar and then there's pedal steel, trombone and accordion. The band is very nice and has an EP, There Used to Be a Time that you can download from them at their site or buy from them if you'd like (it would be a nice gesture, don't you think?)

Empire Hotel

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