Sunday, January 22, 2006


I got the new White Rose Movement album, Kick, and I can't really say I'm impressed. Their past singles, "Love is a Number", "Girls in the Back" and "Alsatian" are all on the album, and those are about the only good songs in my opinion. It might just require several listens, but after one run-through, nothing really struck me as great. I think it's the singer's voice that just rubs me the wrong way.

I Guess I'm Floating has a couple tracks from the album if you'd like to hear them for yourself.

I like this remix of "Alsatian" quite a bit. But then again just about anything Paul Epworth does is great (even if he also produced the album in question).
Alsatian (Phones Gone to the Dog Remix)

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Lee said...

Hi, could you please tell me where you got the album from?? There only three tracks from it i havent heard. Personally from what i have heard i think its a bloddy good album