Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Not Surprised

Canada's five-piece all girl band The Organ does a great job of paying homage to The Smiths and Morrissey. Lead singer Katie Sketch's voice sounds quite a bit like Morrisey and the jangly guitar helps accentuate the 80's pop influences. There is an organ in the band, yes, but it's not as upfront as the name of the band might make it seem. The music is dark, yes, but not as pervasively dark as it may seem at first listen.
The band was just recently signed to Too Pure Records, who will distribute the band's first album, Grab That Gun, worldwide. Their Canadian label is Mint Records, home of Neko Case (I didn't know she's releasing a new album this year!), P:ano and the New Pornographers.

I Am Not Surprised
We've Got to Meet
Love Love Love (Quicktime video)


Anonymous said...

We've Got To Meet is a nice song, thanks for putting it up :)

Anonymous said...

they're hot, hot, HOT!!!

Priscila said...

in my opinion the band also has a sound very similar to siousxie especially in the guitars and voice ... byezz!!