Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You're Wearing Make-Up

Got this ace new track from a band from Los Angeles called Wintergreen. Think Death Cab on a really really good day with intricate guitar work and catchy melodies. They just finished their debut, The Extended Play EP with producer Niko Bolas (My Morning Jacket, Fiona Apple, Neil Young, Travis) and it came out yesterday! I think I might just have to get it. Mt Fuji Records (although they don't really have any information on the band).

When I Wake Up
"When I Wake Up" video

Listen to two more tracks at their website and then a couple more at their MySpace.

Buy the EP from Insound or from the band for only $5 at their MySpace.

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Anonymous said...

the video confuses me... they are in new mexico... with a steering column on the righthand side...