Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Today sees the release of eight releases on my fave record label, Kill Rock Stars. There are a few gems, and some that I especially recommend you check out!

First off, The Gossip's new album Standing in the Way of Control finally hits the shelves. It's a return from the band who spit fire and bluesy rock songs like no other. They also kick off their world tour tonight, where they hit pretty much every biggish city in the U.S.
Standing in the Way of Control

I don't know a lot about Excepter but they're releasing a CDEP/12" for Sunbomber today on 5RC (KRS's sister label)
Dawn Patrol

Dance punk band Delta 5 is being reissued today with a lot of old favorites and sessions from 1979 to 1981.
Now That You've Gone

Colin Meloy's old college band in Montana, Tarkio, is being reissued. The alt-country songs can very easily show you how Meloy got his start in the business. This is a 2xCD deal, and for only $15! Hot dang! Lots of good tracks on this, too.
Tristan and Iseult

I really didn't know what KRS's Starter Set DVD was all about. But apparently it's new music by people like Young People's Katie Eastburn and Aaron Hemphill of Liars.

Laura Veirs (currently on tour with Colin Meloy) gets her last beautiful album Year of the Meteors released on beautiful vinyl thanks to Kill Rock Stars!

Nintendo rockers The Advantage make a follow-up to their self-titled album just as great cheekily titled Elf Titled. They interpret old Nintendo songs through guitars, drums, and keyboards. Really amazing stuff.

To end it all up is a new compilation Otis' Opuses of several KRS artists, giving you a sample of many of 2005's releases and some sneak-peeks at what's to come in '06. Only $6!!

Buy all of these releases and more from The Kill Rock Stars Shop

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