Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Huge in 06

I don't know about you but I'm sort of sick of hearing about what was great in 2005. I'd like to hear what's going to be big this year. Here's a couple pics for bands I think are going to be huge in 2006. I want to hear your picks for what'll be big in '06. I might look into the bands and post about them/compile your list.
I heard about them in 2005. Saw the video for "Nth Degree" and got the single for it. Still love the song. I think of them as the new answer to the Scissor Sisters. I know that's probably trite saying that but, c'mon they fit the bill. Their debut album comes out this month on Capitol Records (which might be a hot label with the Morningwood CD and a possible Decemberists major-label debut release)

Yeah I talked about them a lot in 2005, but this will be their year. A new EP is coming in the spring and apparently all the talk about a full-length LP is a crock. The band says they don't have enough money to make it themselves, and no label has picked them up. How this is possible I have no idea. I can see them signing and maybe a full length in early 2007 (that's scary to think about...2007.
(On a sidenote: I finally bought the 7" for "Raised By Wolves" from Magic Marker Records. Sure wish I knew how to rip vinyl to get the B-side for it, "They Never Mean What They Say" and the one off "The Start of Something" 7", "Dirty Version." Maybe someday...)
The Start of Something
Hear a new song on their MySpace.

The Changes
Yeah I talked about them for a bit but they're just so amazing! I love their EP and can't wait to hear what they have coming up. They're playing at Sundance according to their website on January 19th. Park City isn't too far from Provo and I'd love to see the band live but I guess you need some sort of gala ticket. Oh well.
When I Wake
Hear new demos on the band's MySpace.

We Are Wolves
Of all the wolf bands out there, WAW sound the most lupine for sure. Their searing dance punk will get this band a lot of notice in 2006. Doesn't hurt that they're from Montreal, or is the indie scene tired of Montreal? No matter. So what if their album Non Stop Je Te Plie en Deux came out in 2005? 2006 will be their year.
Little Birds


freeze said...

my vote is for band of horses. there has been some talk of them here and there, but with their lp coming out in the new year i think they are going to really get some attention.

bebete said...

my vote is for voxtrot!
I love voxtrot!!

and very good blog(from france)

michaela said...

Oh dear, I started out liking Morningwood and "Nth Degree" when said track appeared on Fluxblog in '05, but after seeing them play two perfectly rotten live sets later in the year, my love quickly faded. Morningwood is truly, truly awful live. I can't even begin to explain how awful. But I'm sure you're right, the adorable video for "Nth Degree" is just the right kind of marketing to make them MASSIVE.

That being said, I absolutely 100% agree that 06 will be the year for Voxtrot. I've been rooting for them since 04, and they're ready now! Hearing about sold-out shows @ the Bowery in NYC in late '05 made my heart swell.

The jury is still out on We are Wolves and The Changes...

frank said...



James said...

I'd vote for:
- White Rose Movement
- The Guillemots
- The Harlem Shakes
- Colored Shadows

And then of course Voxtrot - I've been trying to push them on my friends since Music (for Robots) posted a song of theirs, and going by their reactions it's a mystery to me why they aren't Belle & Sebastian-sized already.

bethanne said...

the bands that i talk about a lot that's gonna rule 2006:

giant drag
those transatlantics
beep beep
i, crime

get familiar with these names

jerry yeti said...

tapes 'n tapes

voxtrot (of course)

arctic monkeys (they are big, but will only get bigger)

the picture

the head set

Adam said...

Love this blog, been in my favourites for a while. I've got a similar list of upcoming bands over at my blog, please give a visit if you get a minute http://tommyshots.blogspot.com cheers.

Rachael said...

nice picks. i'd put my money on any of these bands.

jere said...

Definitely Voxtrot..and james, i agree with all your pics, Guillemots and Harlem Shakes fpr sure.
Pilodrift is another to watch out for

Anonymous said...

k, so, yeah morningwood is "interesting" live...saw them open for gang of four, and although i thought the music was eh, i had to give it to the lead singer...she put it all out there and had some major confidence in her moves...i'm all for that...

big in '06, big in '06, hmmm...
check out:
the duke spirit
laura veirs (should be bigger)
jana hunter
LOOOOve (the organ)
erase errata

JAX said...

morningwood's debut is self titled.

it comes out on tues.

You try singing in that key and rocking out at the same fucking time its next to impossible.

Nth degree is not theri best song live but you cant say their NOT ENTERTAINING LIVE. such a great stage show overall

Anonymous said...