Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I remember awhile ago several bands blogging about a band called The Attorneys. I never listened because sometimes I just don't download mp3's from bands for sake of my hard drive. When I got an e-mail regarding the band, though, my ears finally tuned into their songs.

The band is from Brooklyn and just self-released a CD with two distinct "chapters" as the band calls them. It's called Sparrow Gardens/Pencil Factory. The songs on the 17-song album were recorded in two different sessions and are apparently vastly different. You can hear some of the tracks on the bands TWO MySpaces. Here and here. The first page is all full-band recordings while the latter is a collection of various solo efforts by band members.



Anonymous said...

Where can I Purchase the cd?

Michael said...

You can buy it from them online at their website for $11.97 + $2.50 for shipping.


Anonymous said...

Sparrow Gardens/Pencil Factory is actually a 19 song cd, unadvertised as such ;)
Colin of The Attorneys

Matty K said...

Does anyone where the melody that starts at 0:27 comes from? I have heard this before in another song but I can't put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

Matty K.
In retrospect , that melody might be from South Africa by TOTO....
John of The Attorneys :)