Thursday, January 05, 2006

2005: Year of the Blogs?

A lot of people called 2005 the year of the blogs. Now what does that mean for 2006? I know there's been an explosion of mp3 blogs even since I starte mine at the end of May in '05. Having so many blogs can be awesome and then at times not so much. With so many people looking for new stuff, it can get the public a lot more music, meaning newer mp3s of old-loved bands and even more new bands to get excited about.

Here are quite a few blogs I've just recently put onto my blog roll and am really excited about seeing more of in 2006.

A Boy and His Blog (I can't tell if it's a Narnia inspired name or not)
Culture Bully (more than music)
Green Pea-ness (clever title, great stuff)
Indie Christoph
More Than Milk (a fellow Utahan, lots of remixes)
Some Velvet Blog


justin said...

No, I didn't have Narnia in mind when I came up with the title, although it's kind of funny now that I think of it. Anyways, thanks for the kind words. It's nice to hear positive feedback.

jo said...

aw, thanks for the link! except mine's not actually a link? funny, i did notice everything happens to be a remix lately. i'm a sucker.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure the name comes from the nintendo game a boy and his blob

justin said...

Anonymous is on the ball.

wearemonsters said...

Enjoy my mp3 blog

Anonymous said...

actually im sure it comes from the harlan ellison story turned pioneering post apoco flick "a boy and his dog", starring a young don johnson.


Chris said...

wow, thanks. this is awesome!