Friday, September 02, 2005

Kanye Says...

George Bush doesn't care about black people.

Kanye's Work Out Plan
All Falls Down


Kristi Joy said...

holy shit. That man has balls!

D said...

I posed this on Stereogum today and thought I would post it here since you mentioned the same controversy.

"What happened in New Orleans is a result of overbuilding, overpopulation, and lack of respect for our environment - that is why the city is now flooded. In regards to our Government's response, there is no excuse. We can spend Billions on wars and then Billions delivering aid and food to those countries (after we bomb the hell out of them) but we let our own die in New Orleans. Bush talks out of both sides of his mouth and trusting him is a huge question. I do wonder if the population in New Orleans were affluent white people, would the resonse have been better? Notice I did not just say whites but the key word is affluent. Our government does not care about our poor (black or white). It is all about money, oil, and power. That is why the Billions are spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, chasing Bin Laden and not facing the poverty in this country. Our gov't wants the oil, wants to control the oil, and nothing else. Unfortunately, the almighty dollar rules and our freedom as Americans is something of the past.
Regarding Kanye, personally I don't like his music and feel he is just propagating his cause using the words black people. Poverty is everyone - Black, white, Asian etc. What about the Vietnamese fishermen in Louisianna and Mississippi that have nothing now? The majority of my best friends are either black or Asian. The New Orleans thing is about money folks, pure and simple........"