Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Ssion are hilarious. I saw them opening for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...last year? Anyway. It's said "shun" like "percuSSION." Hailing from Kansa, they aren't exactly what you'd think would come from there. One man and two women dressed up in chicken and cow costumes running around on stage singing on top of speakers, each other, all while bizarre images flash on a projector screen behind. Cody Critcheloe is the main man of the band. He writes the songs, sings lead vocals and makes the videos that they perform to. Overall they are a very energetic, entertaining band worth seeing and hearing. They released a 7" this spring called World's Worth.

Smells Like Teen Spirits
What Makes a Man Start a Band?
Call Out Our Lions
I Think I Got Something to Prove

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