Monday, September 26, 2005

ACL Pictures

Alright I promised pictures. But when we were driving home last night I realized I hadn't really taken all that many pics of a lot of what I do have are three sets of pictures of the Decemberists, one of the Arcade Fire at Stubb's and one of the Fiery Furnaces from Saturday. I'm lazy so you can see them all here (oh and the guy in the Fiery Furnaces set sitting down is the Arcade Fire's french horn player).


bethanne said...

these pictures are fabulous!

kingdomforavoice said...

Good work on the pictures. i must have been standing 10 feet to the left of you at the show but with a much crappier camera.

cbotwell said...

Hey Would You guys giv eme your opinion of my blog and the concert photos i have on there, i love this blog and hope you guys dont think im spamming but ill be uploading som maximo park photos and some bravery photos soon but if you could give me your opinion of what i have it would be nice.
Thanks, cbotwell