Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fabulously Torngat

Okay so I really didn't catch much of Franz Ferdinand's set at Austin City Limits because, well, they went on straight after the Decemberists and there were a billion people there and there'd be no way I'd get to the front without being a jerk and I simply wouldn't be "feeling" their set from far away. So I stood around and heard a few classics ("Auf Achse" and "Take Me Out") and a few new ones ("What You Meant" & "Evil and a Heathen"). They still sound real good but I know it wasn't the right environment to see them. Too bad they're playing giant auditoriums on this tour.

I was also hoping that Eleanor of the Fiery Furnaces (she might be reading this cuz I told her about the contest I'd be having...) would join the Franz on stage for "Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On." I haven't heard anyone saying she has.

Anyway here's a new Franz b-side to "Do You Want To." (follow link)
Fabulously Lazy

Oh, I also found out the french horn player I mentioned in my picture post is actually Pietro Amato from Richie Arcade-Fire's side project Bell Orchestre and he's in another band Torngat. Here's an mp3 (there are more on the site)
Alberta Song


Kevin said...

whoa- synchronicity- Alberta Song was my choice for today's entry. Good stuff though, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

wow thats pretty craaazy.