Saturday, September 24, 2005

ACL Day #2

Okay I haven't had time to read other blogs to see if they're writing about ACL or anything. Am I the only loser? Anyway.

So yesterday was good, besides hearing about a few people dropping out. I got to see a few people, the best of which were Mates of State and Spoon. I also went and got Spoon to sign a opy of Kill the Moonlight. Too cool.

Last night was the Black Keys/Arcade Fire show at Stubb's. Simply phenomenal. The opening band was from Austin called What Made Milwaukee famous. They were nervous but did a good job. Good pop. Black Keys came on and blew the roof off the roofless venue. Those two guys make a lot of sound. Arcade Fire came on, everyone went nuts. It was probably one of the best band-audience events. Pretty much everyone was screaming the lyrics back at the band. The band did their usual antics and even did Bowie's "Five Years." I hope someone recorded it. Win said that he and Will had grown up in Houston and they felt awful about Rita. Did I mention the Decembrists cancelled their Houston show? So did M83 and a bunch of people.

Okay well I can't upload pictures yet because I left my cord in Utah. D'oh. Tonight is Sons and Daughters, The Decemberists, and Built to Spill. This afternoon is Death Cab, Fiery Furnaces, and a bit of Bloc Party. The Decemberists show on Thursday in Ft Worth was great, I'll write about it later.

I hope everyone at the fest is staying hydrated. It's effing hot out there. And come to the SBC tent. It's a real nice and that's where I'm updating from.


callmemickey said...

enjoyed the update... i havent seen any other updates from acl yet so you might be the first!

bucky u. badger said...

longtime reader, first time commenter.

The Arcade Fire at Stubbs was an absolutely amazing show. The crowd was completely into it and we all sang ourselves damn near hoarse. It was my first time seeing them play live so it was especially cool. Loved all the deadpan crazy shit going on on stage.
The set out at Zilker on Sunday had a much different feel

Also loved Spoon's set out at the festival but most others on Friday seemed to be going through the motions.

Appreciate the updates.