Thursday, September 29, 2005

Not Istanbul

Oh how I love the Decemberists. Anyone should know that and they probably do. Well seeing them three times this last weekend may have possibly may have made it one the best weekends ever? Maybe. Well this week got even better. I received a rip of the Picaresqueties EP that is featured on Side D of the band's vinyl release of their Picaresque album. You reap a reward also!
Here's the exclusive song "Constantinople" from it. Buy Picaresque and all other Decemberists vinyl releases from Jealous Butcher (who happen to be some of the nicest record labels out there).

Constantinople (follow link)


chris from california said...

how is the joanna newsom cover?!?!?

Anonymous said...

It's great. it sounds better than the version recordd for the Believer compilation. You can download it from their site.

Jim H said...

I thought it ("Bridges and Balloons") was the same version as on the Believer comp? I mean it sounds better because its on vinyl - is that what it means.