Friday, September 23, 2005

Callin' 'Em Out

I'm here at ACL. It's real hot. There's a bunch of pansies that dropped out because of Hurrican Rita. This includes: The Ditty Bops, Tegan and Sara, Nine Black Alps, and several others. They are all wussies. I publicly denounce them here and now.

I saw the Decemberists and Sons and Daughters in Ft. Worth last night. Both put on a good show. The Decemberists had to cancel their show in Houston but said they would be braving ACL. What good people. Their drummer John Moen also revealed that the band has severe B.O. problems. Good to know.


cbotwell said...

That suck I really like Nine Black Alps Im sure that would have been a treat.

Jere said...

Yeah...who's ever heard of safety?

callmemickey said...

tegan and sara are pussies not wussies... and its totally safe in houston if you dont mind rain.

im glad most of the bands are still stickin it out

bethanne said...

if the B.O. problems about the decemberists involve colin, i'm all up for hearing about them. haha.

hey, is it cool if i link your blog to the blog i co-author? here's the link to mine:
i'm gonna put you up there ASAP.

hope that ACL fest is going well. and spill the beans about how the decemberists concert went! (i have yet to see them live and i'd love to.)

take care!

Anonymous said...

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