Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oh Devendra

I really didn't want to like Devendra Banhart when I first heard of him. I mean seriously he's just the weird cousin of Sufjan right? Okay maybe that's going a little far. I bought his Rejoicing in the Hands album and was pleased with it much to my dismay.

I mean I'd worked hard to avoid him but when I fell into the Joanna Newsom trap I knew I would soon fall prey to Mr Banhart. And I did. And then I downloaded Cripple Crow when it leaked (yes I'm terrible) and loved it to pieces. Well Cripple Crow actually comes out today in fine record stores and I recommend we all go buy it yeah? Okay if you're not convinced here's something to bring you over to the freakfolk side.

Now That I Know
This Beard is for Sibohan
We All Know
I Feel Like a Child (via Stereogum)
Here's the music video for Devendra's song "I Feel Just Like a Child"


Kevin said...

hey Michael,

have you heard any Feathers tracks? If you dig Cripple Crow, you'll definitely like them (I think). they work through many different styles, etc.

hope you're well-

Anonymous said...

No i haven't heard them but I'll definitely look into them. Thanks for the heads up.

Adi said...

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