Thursday, September 15, 2005

Iron and Wine Rarities

Alright so who doesn't love Iron and Wine? Who wouldn't want Sam Beam to sing them to sleep? I don't know of anyone that fits those descriptions. Beam's split/collaborative EP with Calexico In the Reins was just released yesterday. I think it's alright but I don't know, I'm a bit impartial to Beam's music sounding so full. I like his raw sound better. Very lullaby-y.

Here's some Iron and Wine tracks you may or may not have, but you certainly should own.
Hungry Blackbirds
Birds Stealing Bread (Live at the Bottom of the Hill 3/24/03)
Mr. Soul (Live at Meow Meow 12/11/04)
Peng! 33 (Stereolab cover)
Waitin' for a Superman (Flaming Lips cover)
Your Blue Eyes
Loud as Hope
In Your Own Time


cbotwell said...

i used to have those sheets (stars and comets and Moons) that he has his head on in the picture thats funny

Jamie said...

Oh no! 'Two Hungry Blackbirds' link not working- I would give anything to get that song!

Bobby said...

Do you think you could email me the copy of "your blue eyes". If you could that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

maybe could you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease re-up the links?

Matt said...

Yeah, I've got quite a few rare Iron & Wine tracks, but the only one of these I've been able to track down is the Lips cover. If there is anyway you could repost these or send them, that would be AMAZING.

GYST said...

Hi yeah could you please repost these, or at least:

1. Your Blue Eyes
2. Loud as Hope

Thank You!

Rita said...

Mmm, i would pretty much die to actually have Sam Beam sing me a lullaby in person.
if it's at all possible for anyone to e-mail me Your Blue Eyes i would be so in debt--
thank you!

Adi said...

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