Saturday, September 17, 2005

Frog Eyes on CBC

I've only just recently gotten into Frog Eyes. They are good. This is their CBC Radio session from 2004. Many thanks to this fansite for hosting these.
For fans of: Xiu Xiu

The Fox Speaks to His Wife Who is Not Quite Sure

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Masticated Outboard Motors
The Putrid Dawn is Only For Us
A Latex Ice Age
Ship Destroyer
I Like Dot Dot Dot
New Soft Motherhood Alliance


schon said...

i am sorry that no one commentd on this. i am sorry that i didn't until now. thank you for this present. i love it! you shouldn't have. i am glad you did anyway! it is just what i wanted. how did you know?

Anonymous said...

hey, that's my site! wooo!

-- dan (sashwap, gmail)