Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I love shows

So, last night I went to see the K.T. Tunstall/Micah P. Hinson show. I'd only seen Micah's cd, never checked it out, for shame. He's from Abilene, TX but got signed in England before any U.S. deal came thru. Shame on the U.S. labels. It's sad that so many good artists become popular in the UK sooner, but I digress. His voice is older than he looks, and his songwriting is awesome. It was just him on his acoustic guitar and his banjo player. Often though, I had to look around the stage checking to make sure no one had joined in. See the funny thing is, I went to see K.T., and although I enjoyed her performance, his was the one that caught me and resonates with me still. Tonight he's in Austin, then he jumps across the pond to play with Richard Hawley thru May.

Go see him in the UK:

May 18 - London
May 22 - Southsea
May 23 - Bristol
May 24 - Nottingham
May 25 - Liverpool
May 26 - Leeds
May 28 - Manchester
May 30 - Birmingham
June 22 - Wireless Festival, London

Those of us in the US will have to wait until August when he supports David Gray. Until then, study up by buying his cd Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress.

"Beneath the Rose"

On June 6th, buy the new ep Baby & the Satellite

"Yourself Asleep Again"


dominic said...

Micah P Hinson is fantastic, isn't he? I was very surprised when i heard he was playing with KT Tunstall, given the stuff of hers that i've heard (only the UK singles).
As you suggested, i am going to see him in Birmingham (got my ticket last week). I can't wait.

cc said...

yeah, he's playing with a couple of "big" players (k.t. & david gray) that have a pretty mainstream crowd, but i guess that's more exposure.