Saturday, May 06, 2006


Look at the title post and think a minute, am I going to talk about the new MTV Laguna Beach spin-off The Hills or something entirely different? Yeaaah as much as 'd love to talk about the first one I'm here for the second.

I hadn't heard of Thao Nguyen until I got Kill Rock Stars' new singer-songwriter compilation The Sound the Hare. Yeah I was excited to hear new Sufjan, Colin Meloy, Jeff Hanson, Laura Veirs and Imaad Wasif, but what caught me was this song from, you gueesed it, by singer-songwriter Nguyen. Her raspy singing voice is kinda Laura Veirs but much softer and soothing. You're gonna love her!

Feet Asleep

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Anonymous said...


She's beautiful.
Might even make a purchase, good stuff.

Christa said... 's post on her has two other songs worth checking out: Tallymarks (def my favorite melancholy woman song ever) and Chivalry.

Dodge said...

you and i are on the same page brosef...i was as if not more impressed with Thao as I was with any of the songs on the very good disc.