Thursday, May 11, 2006

Best New (Portland) Band 2006

Portland's Williamette Week has done a poll every year for the last three years on who their readers think is the best new Portland band, and then they crown a winner. Last year's winner was Talkdemonic, who are now finding success with their new album Beat Romantic and touring all over the U.S.
Well 2006's winner is DoH favorite Copy, aka Marcus Libman. This makes me pretty excited, because Copy is awesome. I've talked about him a few times before and really love his album Mobius Beard. I don't know a lot of the other bands on the top ten (other than Norfolk & Western), but it's motivation to look them all up. Here's some music they provided for the top three bands, Tractor Operator and Swan Island.

Copy-Afro Oven

Tractor Operator-Close the Door
Tractor Operator-April Fool

Swan Island-Night Owl

See/hear the rest of the top ten and read in-depth articles/information on the top three here.

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