Monday, May 15, 2006

Tables and Chairs

Sooo I'm pretty pumped because I finally finally got a job here in Texas. I miss my job in Utah even though it was in a cafeteria and was 6:30-9 AM everyday. Well this one's 8-5 everyday sooo we'll see how it goes!
That won't leave me much time for blogging during the day, so it'll have to be before work, during my lunch break, and after. So don't be mad! Be happy that I'm making money because I sadly can't make enough blogging to not have to work. Wouldn't that be awesome? Yes, it would.

Andrew Bird-Tables and Chairs (Live on KCRW)

Also! if you watch TV (I'm in love with it after coming back from two semesters of not watching anything), the season finale of Grey's Anatomy is on tonight! I peed my pants last night when they played Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Gold Lion" near the beginning, and tune in tonight and you'll hear Snow Patrol's new tune "Chasing Cars."

Also, if you live in the UK, be sure to pick up Forward Russia's new album Give Me a Wall, it comes out today!


Rachel said...

6:30!!!! That would be my death. Congrats on the new job though.
I do agree that it would kick ass to make enough money blogging...*sighs*

Grey's Anatomy does a great job of picking some of the high-lights. Both songs are currently in my rotation. Good times.

Anonymous said...

hey thaanks 6:30 wasnt that bad after awhile. getting work done in the morning sure was nice, not this all day junk.