Friday, May 26, 2006

Pretty Horses Make Good Liars

Soo tonight I am trekking to the land of Dallas, TX for the weekend to chill with CC and see a couple shows for once. Tonight shall be Pretty Girls Makes Graves and Giant Drag. Now, I have Giant Drag's CD and saw them at SXSW and they were strange. Lead singer Annie Hardy (I think that's her name) is small and seems to be about 13. But I don't think she is. BUT they're good. I've never listened to more than two songs by Pretty Girls so I'm going with an open mind. I mean, being named after a Smiths song can't be right, yeah?

Speaking of bands named after bands' songs, my blog for one. From the same Belle & Sebastian tree comes Dylan in the Movies. I'd never known they existed until Central Village suggested a tour with Dylan in the Movies and Stars of Track and Field sponsored by me. Haha. Anyway Dylan in the Movies also last week performed on KEXP! High steppin'! Check out the stream of their performance on KEXP here with the time and date of Thursday, May 18 9:00 AM

And then tomorrow is Liars Day! Hooray! I cannot wait even though I'm sure it will be an "experience."

Umm okay I gotta get dressed for work!

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