Wednesday, May 24, 2006

British Invasion

We all love our British friends, even if they are a little odd at times. Mike Skinner says they invented the language, but there's lots of differences between us. They like singles, we prefer albums, thank you. They also get bands a lot faster than we do, even when they're American bands. Here's a few Brits you ought to be looking into.

Be Your Own Pet
, silly name, teenagers, rockin' songs. Saw them opening for the Kaiser Chiefs at SXSW in '04 and thought they were gonna be a waste of my time but I was pretty wrong. Lead singer (oh man I forgot her name) is pretty cute and does a good job of demanding attention. After their set, they all came in the audience and jumped around a lot during Hot Hot Heat's set, especially the afro'd bassist. ANYWAY here's their new video from their album which comes out June 6th.

Be Your Own Pet-Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle (Quicktime)

I saw the Noisettes this year at SXSW (the easiest place to catch up-and-coming British acts if you don't know) opening for the Fiery Furnaces. Didn't really have my decision made on them, but this song nudged me along the road to liking them more.

The Noisettes-IWE


Anonymous said...

erm...I think be your own pet are from nashville

Glenn said...

yeah, they are from nashville.

Anonymous said...

yeah I mentioned that in my next post.

Shawn said...

nice dude!