Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lizzies Lion

Sooo you've probably heard of this band the Mystery Jets. They made a big splash with their cover of Bloc Party's "Pioneers" and then made another splash with their song "You Can't Fool Me Dennis" which was quickly remixed by Justice and became even hotter.
Well in the UK they have an album, Making Dens, that we don't have here. Since the UK is single-crazy and we're not, they had a headstart there. Well now they've released an EP here with a few tunes off Making Dens. Here's a song off that.

Mystery Jets-Lizzies Lion

Buy the EP.

Sorry I haven't posted any super-awesome posts lately, but when I get back from work I'm pretty wiped. I was thinking it'd be interesting to see what bloggers' dayjobs are, their alter-egos if you will. Hmm if you wanna tell me maybe I'll make a post out of it and get you dooced haha noooo.


d said...

oh wow...I didn't know they did bloc party. was that an official release?

Anonymous said...

yeah, it was the b-side on the pioneers picture disc 7"

Sam said...

know how you feel about getting home exhausted. i'm communications director for a democratic polling firm. would be interested to see what others do.

DAN said...

I just recently found out about the Mystery Jets... in fact going to post on them soon.

I know how you feel about being whiped out. I go to school full time 2 days of the week, the other 3 I'm working two part time jobs. One as a webmaster, the other as an IT guy. Most of the time I like to get away from a computer when I can, people are so much more fun.