Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Prangin' Out

Finally got myself ahold of The Streets' last CD and think it's my favorite yet. Very solid all the way through, not any songs I wanna skip over when I listen to it. Highlights include "War of the Sexes," "Two Nations," and the first single, "When You Wasn't Famous." It sounds best in my car. Well not to try and saturate your heads with Vice bands, here's a little thing that might warm you up to them. On their official blog, Up Your Jaxxy, they're posting an mp3 each week from a band who's playing their Intonation Festival in Chicago. This week it's the Streets.

The Streets-When You Wasn't Famous (Professor Green Remix)
If the lineup for the festival looks good, maybe you'd want to win free tickets?


Brandon said...

I love the album too and can't understand why it's getting such poor reviews. Critics who want artists to do the same thing over and over again really annnoy me.

Anonymous said...

yeah I don't really understand that. hadn't read any reviews on it but disappointed more people dont like it because then less people will buy it probably.

Maisie Chainsaw said...

I love it and am sad b/c it's getting thrashed review wise.