Monday, May 15, 2006

Please Don't Swallow the Universe

With their dauntingly silly name, Sheffield England's Monkey Swallows the Universe, the five-piece was not what I was expecting. Maybe I was misled to think they'd be eclecticly messy or more electronic, but uhh they aren't. Far from it.
The song "Jimmy Down the Well" is an acoustic guitar-driven melody that, once the trumpet comes in, it seems like an ode to Belle and Sebastian, but still they keep it tinged with their own flair. It also reminds me of the Baby Jessica ordeal, who actually lives near me I think. Imagine having that hanging over your head forever. "You were stuck in a well??" Yeah I wouldn't like it, and I don't think Jimmy in the song likes it either. Really, who would?

Monkey Swallows the Universe-Jimmy Down the Well

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