Tuesday, May 02, 2006


So sorry for not posting the past few days. Been trying to readjust to humidity, living with the family again, blah blah plus internet connection has not been easiest to come by for very long. Sorry if I haven't been returning e-mails, I'm not a punk just busy trying to find a good job here. Here's a few mp3s you might enjoy until I get back on writin everday about good stuff all the time like you're used to huh?

Bishop Allen-Flight 180
The Daze-Neon
The Station Myth-On the Mountain

Plus check out this funny webvideo thingy. Bunch of episodes and stuff called You Can Awesome. I suck at explaining things.


Tim Young said...

I've had your blog on my Sage feed for ages so I was wondering if you would fancy contributing something to contrast podcast at some point? Ta, Tim

Anonymous said...


You can awesome is fucking amazing. Where the hell did you find this?

Anonymous said...

ummm they sent me an e-mail about it, otherwise I probably never would have found it.