Friday, February 17, 2006

Wake Up Love

Maybe I only heard about Squeeze Me I Squeak because of my last post. Maybe. That's sort of lame to be posting about it so quick, isn't it? Well SMIS is totally worth it.
Comin' out of Bordeaux France, Valerie Hernandez likes to dress up wearing an adorable rabbit head hat while she performs. Sometimes, Melanie Valera (Tender Forever duh) performs with Valerie to create beautifully adorable pop songs. She only has a demo as far as I know, that you can get by sending Valerie your own demo or a mixtape or something. Pretty cool idea. Trading is always nice. Learn more at her MySpace.

Wake Up
For fans of: Tender Forever, the Blow, Anna Oxygen, other girly pop singers.

ATTENTION: If you live in the Dallas metroplex, get yourself down to downtown Dallas to see Voxtrot kick off their nationwide tour. Also appearing will be Denton's The Happy Bullets and Tacks the Boy Disaster all at The Cavern!

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