Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sisters Rogers

The Rogers Sisters are, as their name says, sisters. And then there's a guy. Pretty confusing yes? No it's not that hard to comprehend.
Anyway...the band has released a couple efforts, and their new album The Invisible Deck (named after one of their father's card tricks) is forty minutes of rocking. I always thought the band was a little weird, but they've softened it down a bit but the rawking continues on. It's an excellent album. There have been plenty of those already this year! Year-end lists are gonna be mighty difficult..
The album is out March 27th on Too Pure.

I Dig a Hole
The Light

Other news, I guess the new Fiery Furnaces has leaked. You can look for tracks all over blogs...
Also, Yeah Yeah Yeahs announced tour dates, skipping completely over Texas but hitting up Salt Lake City four days before the end of the semester? Yes please!


jo said...

yyy's in slc makes my day!

Dan said...

skipping texas? no!!