Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love Love x4

Okay yes it's Valentine's Day and you are going to be slaughtered by all the songs about love today. I can smell it. For one, Matt has a bunch of Valentine's "anti-love" songs up if you want them and are into hating love.
Soo for me it's not about a loved one. well it's many loved ones. My family and friends and all of my readers! Thanks so much for everything you guys do, and for coming each day to read what I have to say.

And now a song from someone who's music I've fallen in love with lately:
Jens Lekman-The Wrong Hands

Or, for love-haters:
Belle and Sebastian-I Don't Love Anyone

If you haven't made Valentines for loved ones, I recommend using these.


metamorphose said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Michael! Thanks for spreading the love, baby!

Anonymous said...

cheers! going to see voxtrot tonight!

phlowtron said...

i seem to remember B&S singing about loving their car, their pussycat, even their clothes. I guess that's not valentiney love, though, is it?