Friday, February 24, 2006

Talk Talk Talk Talk

I remember at the end of the year everyone got hyped up on this new Swedish band Love is All even though their LP hadn't come out in the U.S. Sure enough it leaked online for everyone to get a chance to listen to it. I got it but never really listened to it. Lately, after my discoveries of listening to albums as a whole, I've been making lists of what albums I have that I should listen to all the way through.
Love is All's Nine Times That Same Song was on that list. So I decided to give it an entire listen, and can say it's pretty solid. I love the sound the band makes, even if they do have a saxophone. I hadn't realized the album was put out by What's Your Rupture? Records, which is good enough because they have Comet Gain and The Long Blondes ( finally got my Giddy Stratospheres 12" I ordered from Insound and can say it's nothing short of glorious.) So take a listen and I guarantee you will like.

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Sean said...

OK that's it...I've heard enough about this band now, I need to check them out.I hate the sax as thanks for the heads-up on that.