Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gold Lion's Dead

So after we all went crazy over the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs song "Gold Lion" the band's like "Hey I think people like it!" so they made a video for it. It's pretty good, lots of fire.

Watch it here. (Link fixed)

Can't say I'm in love with the song. I like it a lot, but like listening to a sped up version I made for myself. It's like the Diplo Edit but still yeah. Just the faster vocals is what I needed. I'm excited for the album!

And in case you wanted to see it, the Director's Cut of the "Y Control" video:
Windows High | Real High


Anonymous said...

curious as to where to download this video... i am in love with this song...cant wait to se 'em coachella.

mike said...

your link no longer works for the vid.

metamorphose said...

I too, love the faster verson of the song...was it just me or did Karen O flash some boobie? But it evened things out a bit, being that they didn't give much of her signature crotch shot. Ha ha.