Friday, February 17, 2006

New Attitude

I don't think a lot of you like the Dirty Projectors. Are they too weird? I admit they are to some extent. But I'm excited for Dave Longstreth's new EP, New Attitude. I was looking around for information about it, because I'd heard it's coming out in a little while. Well it's going to be a vinyl-only release, although he said he'll have CD editions on tour with him and the vinyl comes with a CD. Pretty darn cool of them. The EP's being released on Marriage Records, which is a pretty darn cool record label if I do say.

Imagine It

Okay this is going to sound stupid and I'll lose all my cred, but tell me this doesn't sound like something off of The Brave Little Toaster. Like when they're in the apartment and all the new appliances sing the song about how cool technology is? This sounds just like that. Believe me. Dave Longstreth+ Electronic Blips = Magic.


joe said...

i LUFF the dirty projectors. i saw them perform "the getty address" live in bloomington IN last summer and it was like lightning in a bottle or mason jar or some other glass receptacle. plus, they had a dozen or so piece brass band backing them and fantastic animations projected across the whole band/stage. and the girl up their singing and dancing and sighing and the whole bit, well, she was as hot as a two dollar pistol. DAMN DAMN DAMN!

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