Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ecstatic Soul

I can't stop listening to They Shoot Horses Dont They's album Boo Hoo Hoo Boo, and am searching out all there is to know about them. Luckily, they (and 1,299 + other bands) are playing at SXSW and I hope to be able to see them at least twice. I hear their live show is amazingly energetic, and I can see why.

If you're a big fan of horns, than maybe you want to check out Shane Krause of They Shoot Horses' other band Baron Samedi Ecstatic Soul Quintet. Whoo. And you thought Clap Your Hands Say Horses was a mouthful. Anyway, it's instrumental and wonderful and has a Hammond organ in it. Their label is called Hammondbeat and must feature a lot of bands with Hammond organs. Their album Feed a Fever is being released in early May. Here's a couple cuts from the album:

Ponytail and Cyclingshorts
Not an Afro in Sight

Be their friend.

(P.S. does anyone know how I can get my site to make the column where all my writing goes a bit wider? I'm feelin' a little claustrophobic these days)


leonor said...

About making your writing column wider, it's just a question of template. What you need to do is, go to the template page on your blogger account, scrolçl down until you reach this

/* Content
----------------------------------------------- */
#content {
margin:0 auto;
#main {
#sidebar {

All you have to do is change the #content width to something like 800px and your #main width to 550px. This should be just fine, this way, your sidebar remain sthesame width, but you increase the width of your writing column!

Anonymous said...

thanks much for your help leonor!!

leonor said...

you're welcome!