Thursday, February 23, 2006

Definitely Not Dead

Pitchfork gave Liars a very well-deserved 9.0 for their new album Drum's Not Dead. I'm so happy to see that they liked it, because sadly so many people rely on Pitchfork's opinion and it usually will make or break an album. I admit that sometimes I do see what they think about an album, but I don't rely my opinion on the album solely on their review.
Anyway, I'm really really happy to see the album get such a high score (the highest for '06 I think) and it'll only mean good things for the band this year. It's such a great album, I really can't get enough of it. They're going to announce a U.S. tour sometime soon. How sweet would it be if they toured with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Probably not since Karen O and Angus are dunzo. Thoughtful thinking. Who would you like to see open for the Liars on their U.S. tour?

Mocking Music has their first single off Drum's Not Dead and it's remix and a few others from the album.

(The photo I used isn't actually for the band, it's a poster Heads of State made for a movie "in which five guys look for love in the big city and happen to tell a whopper or two along the way.")


brian said...

Drum's Not Dead is amazing!

I wish I could see their tour with Wilderness. I think that would be sweet.

coxon le woof said...

I saw Liars live last night.

It was intense.



And absolutely fantastic!