Saturday, February 25, 2006

Scared of Fire

You might have heard that the new TV on the Radio record leaked. Thing is, it may or may not be mastered. The album also doesn't have a name but I bet it will be just as creative as Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes so don't you worry your pretty little head. The album builds on DYBB and sees the band exploring mooore crap. Ahaha sorry I'm a little tired this morning. Anyway you will like this album if you like TV on the Radio because they are good people that make quality music over and over.

Wolf Like Me (ahaha bands + wolves jokes here)
I Guess I'm Floating has more.
Buy TVOTR Stuff at Insound.
Or download it for free at eMusic.


Kevin said...

The new record's supposedly called "Return to Cookie Mountain". Not kidding (maybe it's a provisional title though??).

Anonymous said...

ok if that's the title I take back what I said about it being as cool as the first album title.

Anonymous said...

It's labeled "Return to Cookie Mountain" on Tunde's iTunes.

Anonymous said...

Cool! . . . . Very Cool! That spastic drum assult is vicious! I hope I can see @ Bowery Ballroom in April. And Mates Of State too.

Anonymous said...

Where can you download this? It's not on soulseek