Saturday, February 11, 2006


Danish/Swedish band Slaraffenland has a sound akin to a less jump-ropey Go! Team or a thoroughly upbeat Sigur Ros or Broken Social Scene without the singers. Their instrumental songs are packed with instrumentation and beautiful melodies belying the band's Scandanavian heritage. The name is Scandanavian for "Land of milk and honey," which explains the band's sweetness, with horns and organs all mixing to form something truly beautiful.
Their last effort, a 4-track 3" EP entitled Jinkatawa which is limited to 500 copies. They look really beautiful and are hand-designed.


Be their friend.


Haldan said...

I like this band- I like the description less jump ropey go team. I just posted one of these songs, as well as four other danish mp3s... you may enjoy

Anonymous said...

sweet. will look into it.