Sunday, February 19, 2006

Arrest Yrself

Hot Chip has a new album The Warning coming out this year. I think it's on DFA, and that would make sense. I thought that, after hearing the DFA remix of "Just Like We (Brakdown)" Hot Chip would be a full-out electro madhouse but their album Coming on Strong really wasn't. And neither was their Mexico EP. That was sort of disappointing.
Well the new album isn't. It's truly dancy. Anyway this song is good. I could see it being their next single after "Over and Over" gets all the hype it's gonna get. Seriously that song is gonna be huge.

Arrest Yourself


jenny said...

thanks michael.. so err who are you??

jenny said...

hahah sweet! im totally going to start reading your blog. yours is so much nicer than mine! im jealous.

rich said...

they are on Moshi Moshi