Friday, February 10, 2006

I Smell the Blood of an English Man

Okay so I have no idea who Man Man are. I heard the name and always thought they were some Animal Collective spin-off. Are they? They very well could be. They're a whole lot more interesting. Think gypsy circus tunes. Because that's what I'm thinking. Their new album, Six Demon Bag, is ridiculously entertaining. It's full of crazy piano driven, macabre Vaudevillian tunes (band member names include Honus Honus, Les Mizzle and Pow Pow and they all play interesting instruments like "caveman voice" and sexual trap kit" and "gravel pit forethroat"). Very much recommended. It's being release on Ace Fu on February 21st. Get your valentine a rain check for this album and they might love you.

Van Helsing Boombox


Anonymous said...

they make my feet tap.

Angela said...

Wow, I really like it! Thanks

Anonymous said...

been my favorite song since pitchfork posted it awhile back. nice find. and no, they're not an animal collective spin off. but i do love the animal collective. you should check out man man's first album "the man in the blue turban with a face." it's solid gold hits front to back. alrighty.

Adi said...

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