Wednesday, August 02, 2006


New information has surfaced regarding Joanna Newsom's anticipated new album, to be called Ys (after the legend of a doomed city of the same name). It's out on Drag City in November, here's the tracklist.

1. Emily
2. Monkey & Bear
3. Sawdust & Diamonds
4. Only Skin
5. Cosmia

"Emily" is twelve minutes long and "Only Skin" is sixteen. The album was arranged by legendary composer Van Dyke Parks, produced by Steve Albini and mixed by Jim O'Rourke. Most of the songs have been played live. These are all from the amazing Newsom fansite Milky Moon.


Only Skin
Sawdust & Diamonds


max said...

wow, this is crazy, i didn't know some of the trakcs had been let out..i have to go post this on my mog page now
thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

well those are all live versions...

max said...

i did eventually relaize this, but hey, thanks anyway, i forgot to do a search for some new joanna while browsing artists on the hype machine

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