Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Young Folks

I've stayed quiet about Peter Bjorn and John's surprise hit song of the summer "Young Folks" until now. Mostly cuz I got my hands on the remix. I'm all about remixes, gotta collect them all and everything like that. Anyway, where the original is breezy and carefree, the remix is sped up like a junkie lookin for a high. It slows down at parts when it needs to and then speeds back up. Anyway ou decide.

Peter Bjorn and John-Young Folks (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Remix)

Oh and "Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve" is the alias of UK DJ supernova Erol Alkan in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

its gone... :(

Michael said...

ok should be fixed now.

Adi said...

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