Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Dancing For Me

Were you feeling underwhelmed by Scissor Sisters new single "Don't Feel Like Dancing"? I kinda was. The Elton John cameo wasn't enough to live up to the glory of the bands first album. I've heard a few remixes of the track and I think the electronic makeover fits the song better than honky tonk piano chords. How about you?

Scissor Sister-I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Linus Loves Vox)

Their new album Ta Dah will be out September 26. The band is taking their show across the US in late September/early October. Check them out! I've heard great things.

9/23 Baltimore MD - Virgin Festival
9/28 Los Angeles CA -Shrine Auditorium
9/29 San Francisco CA - Warfield
9/30 San Francisco CA - Warfield
10/2 Seattle WA - The Showbox
10/3 Seattle WA - The Showbox
10/4 Portland OR - Roseland Theatre
10/7 Maplewood - MN Myth
10/8 Chicago IL - Riviera Theatre
10/17 Nashville TN - City Hall
10/18 Atlanta GA - Tabernacle
10/19 New Orleans LA - House of Blues
10/22 Boston MA - Orpheum


max said...

i know someone who'll be excited to see two shows in sf...havn't heard the new single yet, sounds disappointing, oh well

Jim said...

I actaully love this new single! I gave it a pretty glowing review on my blog. The Scissor Sisters always sound like they're having fun and enjoying what they do, which makes the experience more enjoyable for the listener. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt here; it's hard to judge a new album (especially a second disc) based on the strength of the first single--who knows, there may be some surprises in store on the disc itself.

Thanks for the remix!

Tr1xx said...

While shuffling cars in the office car park yesterday, I happened to hear a snippet of what I thought was an unknown Bee Gees track on (UK) Radio Two. I loved it so much I had to wait 4 minutes to check the artist/title ident. It's a superb track - one of the best singles released this year I reckon. Top ten bound - maybe even #1

Anonymous said...

What are the guitar chords anyone .


cheers Paul

P>S> I love this song best yet

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's awful! The radio version of the song is great, the 'Linus Loves Vox' version is just weird (not in a good way!) :p

Anonymous said...

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