Friday, August 18, 2006

Hot Designers

Do you guys watch Project Runway? I do and I just gotta say I'm furious about this week's designer that was kicked off. Is it wrong to think she and Jeffrey made a cute couple? Because they did.

To make this music related, here's a Blanket Music tune. About designers.
Blanket Music-Hot Designers
From the album Move. Buy it at Insound.


brian said...

I watch it! I do!

Every time she was on camera I would melt. I loved her.

I'd have to say that as mad as I am, I wasn't feeling her dress. Makes it that much harder, I guess.

metamorphose said...

GArrr! I haven't had a chance to watch my Tivo yet! Darn it! Thanks for ruining it!!! ;)

I'm sad because Allison was hot and cute and totally should have at least been in the top three if you ask me!

Dany said...

i'd fuck her

BWH999 said...

I was so pissed! Who do you think is going to win?

Anonymous said...

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