Thursday, August 10, 2006

We're Off!

Today CC and I head to Portland, OR in search of some fun. We're catching Sleater-Kinney's final two shows and seeing what Portland has that Dallas doesn't have.

If you're from Portland, ever been to Portland, or heard about Portland, tell us stuff to do while we're there! We're gonna be there till Monday. Places to eat, sights to see, record stores to invade, whatever. We need hints!

Am gonna try and post while there, we'll see how that goes. If not, see you Monday!

Check out this video of S-K's Carrie Brownstein interviewing Saddam Hussein about selling out and being punk in Iraq.


andy said...

for late night rock and roll eating (they have bars, too, but that's not what makes them neat):

Doug Fir (east burnside)
Dots (south east portland)

Anonymous said...

Portland, eh? Have breakfast or lunch at Byways Cafe, on Glisan (NW). Spend all day at Powell's Books on Burnside (NW). Check out Reading Frenzy (921 SW Oak). Have dinner at Dot's on Clinton (SE). Drink at Shanghai Tunnel on Ankeny (SW). Don't forget to do karaoke at The Alibi, an AMAZING authentic tiki bar up on Interstate (NE).

Nilina said...

Please tell me you went to Hawthorne!!! Or Everyday Music-or even the Bite to catch some good food or music. can't wait to hear about how the shows went!!

Anonymous said...

Portland is great for bicycling and being laid back, make sure to go to voodoo doughnuts to satisfy up your vegan/cruller fix

also try to pick up a copy of the willamette week's "finder" magazine (it's free and can be found in most record stores) it has some good spots pointed out and reviewed.

max said...

have a good trip...i was seriously considering heading to portland as i was just in seattle and vancouver for a week, but i decided i really di have to get back for work...ah well, have fun!

Anonymous said...

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